As a business owner or professional dealing with dangerous goods, you understand the importance of staying compliant with various rules and regulations. That’s where DGOffice comes in – an online software solution designed to streamline and simplify all your dangerous goods management activities. With its modular design, DGOffice allows you to customize your experience by selecting specific modules that cater to your unique business requirements, ensuring you have the right tools at your fingertips when you need them. 

One of the standout features of DGOffice is its compatibility with IATA xSDG messaging, which means you’ll be IATA eDGD compliant without any hassle. With DGOffice, you’ll have access to a comprehensive suite of tools across different modules, each tailored for specific business or industry segments. 

So, what can you expect from DGOffice? 


  1. Comprehensive Compliance: DGOffice adheres to the rules and regulations set by various international organizations and regulatory bodies such as UN, ICAO/IATA, 49 CFR, IMO, ADR, ADNR, and RID. With DGOffice, you can be confident that your dangerous goods management activities are compliant with the necessary regulations. 
  2. Validation and Reduced Risk: Avoid fines and penalties arising from incorrect declarations by leveraging DGOffice’s validation capabilities. The software checks your dangerous goods information against IATA DG regulations, ensuring everything is in order and reducing the risk of costly mistakes. 
  3. IATA Standard Shipper’s Declaration Form: Enjoy the convenience of generating IATA standard Shipper’s Declaration Forms using DGOffice. The software makes it easy to create accurate and compliant documentation for your dangerous goods shipments. 
  4. IATA eDGD Compliance: Stay ahead of the game by using DGOffice’s IATA eDGD compatibility feature. You can effortlessly submit your dangerous goods declarations in the IATA XML standard xSDG message format, keeping you compliant and up-to-date with the latest industry requirements. 

The time has come to take control of your dangerous goods management activities. Don’t let compliance headaches slow you down. Subscribe to DGOffice today and experience the benefits of an all-in-one online solution tailored to your unique business needs. With DGOffice by your side, you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business and staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry. 

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