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Air Waybill (AWB) management can often be a complex and labor-intensive task for forwarders, compounded by the myriad of eAWB and eFreight regulations imposed by various airlines. This often results in a less efficient air cargo transport process, ripe with potential errors.

Enter AWB Concierge – CUBEforall’s AWB Management System designed to make both Master and House Air Waybill preparation a breeze. With the added feature to manually send FHL/FWB messages directly to airlines and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs), your communication becomes streamlined and efficient.

    Key Features:

    • Minimalistic: Easy-to-use interface that requires little to no training, enabling your team to manage AWB data and send FHL/FWB messages swiftly and efficiently.
    • Compliance Simplified: Adheres to eAWB and eFreight guidelines, effectively eliminating non-compliance risks and associated penalties.
    • Effective Collaboration: Bridges the gap between forwarders, airlines, and ground handlers within the CUBEforall ecosystem, ensuring fluid communication and data exchange.
    • Convenient Printing: Print eAWB forms directly onto standard A4 paper, eliminating the need for specialized printers.

    Take a leap into the future of air freight management and make your air waybill management efficient, compliant, and convenient with AWB Concierge.

    AWB Concierge

    Monthly Subscription

    • Standalone Subscription
    • Per User Charge

    • SGD 100/User^

    CUBEforall User Bundle

    Monthly Subscription

    • Booking Concierge
    • AWB Concierge
    • TradeNet
    • CMD

      1st User: SGD 350^
      2nd  User onwards: SGD 250/User^