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Logistics Technology Provider

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Embrace the power of collaboration and help shape the future of a truly globalized supply chain with us. By leveraging CUBEforall, our open data collaboration platform, we aim to unify all stakeholders in the shipping industry under a singular, centralized solution.


Our platform is designed to facilitate seamless data exchange that eradicates information silos and enhances shipment visibility, leading to a significantly improved customer experience. By partnering with CUBEforall, you get the opportunity to directly address and overcome common hurdles such as fragmented shipment information, thereby refining your product offerings and value proposition to your customers.


Join us today and become an integral part of the world’s largest global cargo community system!

Your Express Lane To The World

Connecting The World Through Logistics

A one-stop solution for the global logistics community, allowing users to connect with any logistics technology provider at any stage of their shipment lifecycle

One Is Better Than Individual Ones

Unified connection of different technology creates digital highways, leading to open data sharing. This resembles how the Avengers, when working together, are greater than the sum of their parts.

We Are More Than A Business Partner

We are your gateway to our large user base. Partnering with us gives you exposure and ensures that your company's services will be marketed through every channel possible.

Put Your Product In Front Of Our Userbase

Tap into our current customer base to gain access to potential customers. From email outreach to in-app advertising to our regional managers that can help you fast-track your expansion

Our Presence Expands Beyond The Web

We extend beyond digital channels by actively taking part in events and conferences such as IATA and with government agencies from other countries. We also host our own workshops and roadshows.

Take The Risk Off Your Plate And Get Paid

We simplify billing for your users by combining services into one consolidated invoice that they have subscribed to, and we will send you a payment for your share of the revenue.

Re-imagined Logistics

Our platform facilitates data collaboration with multiple logistics technology providers, opening up doors for other systems to integrate with yours.

We Are In It For The Long Haul.

We have decades of experience in building solutions for global freight industry. Collaborating with us means that you can count on us to be a dependable long-term partner.

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