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Creating and managing Air Waybills (AWB) can often be intricate and time-consuming for forwarders, further complicated by various electronic AWB and eFreight rules set by different airlines. This can lead to an inefficient air cargo transport process, filled with possible errors.

Introducing AWB Editor, CUBEforall’s AWB Management System designed to simplify both Master and House Air Waybill preparation. Utilize the power of automation with our system to save time, reduce errors, and ensure seamless compliance.

    Key Features:

    • Efficient User Interface: An intuitive interface that needs minimal training, allowing your team to manage AWB data quickly and proficiently.
    • Efficient Messaging: Send FWB and FHL messages to airlines and ground handling agents efficiently, facilitating smooth data transmission.
    • Compliance Simplified: Aligns with eAWB and eFreight regulations, effectively eliminating the risks of non-compliance and associated penalties.
    • Enhanced Collaboration: Fosters cooperation between forwarders, airlines, and ground handlers within the CUBEforall ecosystem, guaranteeing smooth communication and data exchange.

    Take a leap into the future of air freight management and make your air waybill management efficient, compliant, and convenient with AWB Concierge.

    Monthly Subscription Plan

    (All plans include the ability to create MAWB, HAWB, console manifest, sending FWB/FHL and more!)


    Unlimited documents
    • USD 150/month