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Are you involved in handling dangerous goods? Look no further than DGOffice. With its comprehensive features, DGOffice simplifies and streamlines your dangerous goods management activities.

Key Features:

  • Stay Compliant: DGOffice adhere to the rules and regulations set by various international organizations and regulatory bodies such as UN and ICAO/IATA.
  • Reduced Risk: Avoid fines and penalties with DGOffice’s validation capabilities, ensuring your declarations are accurately aligned to IATA DG regulations so reducing the risk of costly mistakes.
  • IATA Standard: Generate accurate and compliant Shipper’s Declaration Forms effortlessly using DGOffice, saving time and ensuring documentation integrity.
  • eDGD Compliance: Stay ahead with DGOffice’s IATA eDGD compatibility. Submit your declarations in the IATA XML standard xSDG message format to airlines and GHAs, keeping you compliant with the latest industry requirements.

Take control of your dangerous goods management activities. Subscribe to DGOffice today and focus on growing your business while staying ahead in an evolving industry.

DGOffice Subscription

Credit card details required for access
  • USD 3.50 per declaration