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Your Solution for Efficient Air Freight Quotations

Dealing with a constant surge of air freight quote requests? Losing track of rates in the multitude of email exchanges? Quote Request, is specifically designed to address these issues and streamline your quotation procedures.

Quotation Request serves as a unified hub for managing all your quotations, whether you’re liaising with airlines or GSAs. It ensures every proposal and response to your RFQs is collated in a dedicated dashboard, eliminating the risk of misplaced rates amid email clutter.

What sets Quotation Request apart is its user-friendly yet comprehensive interface. It supports detailed information transfer, including specifications based on commodity types, request status, and details of request creators within your department or company.

The dashboard provides a panoramic view of all your quotation activities, displaying the status of all sent, replied, and rejected requests. Additionally, it archives all past requests online, facilitating easy reference and comparison.

Elevate your air freight quotation process with Quote Request. Take the leap towards organized and stress-free freight quotations today.

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