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Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder

Take a step towards smarter logistics with CUBEforall’s FWB/FHL API, a tool purpose-built for Freight Management Systems (FMS) vendors and tech-savvy freight forwarders.

Key Features

  • Efficient Document Handling – Bypass traditional, time-consuming paper-based processes. Our FWB/FHL API enables you to handle Freight Waybill (FWB) and House Manifest (FHL) documents digitally, improving your operational speed and reducing the chance of errors.
  • Complete Information Exchange – Ensure thorough and accurate data transmission. Our API accommodates comprehensive shipment information, enhancing the reliability and clarity of your freight documentation.
  • Automatic Data Validation – Our API comes equipped with automatic data validation, checking the correctness of data fields and reducing discrepancies in your FWB and FHL documents.
  • Seamless Integration  Smoothly incorporate our FWB/FHL API into your existing systems. Its compatibility with industry-standard data formats and protocols ensures precise data flow and integration.
  • Robust and Scalable – Built to accommodate growth, our API offers robust performance that can handle an increasing volume of transactions as your business expands.

Simplify your air cargo document process with CUBEforall’s FWB/FHL API. Contact us today to learn more.