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CCN and LEAD Management Pte Ltd Forge a Strategic Alliance to Drive Innovation in the Global Logistics Industry

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CCN and LEAD Management Pte Ltd Forge a Strategic Alliance to Drive Innovation in the Global Logistics Industry

Singapore, 27th November 2023 – Cargo Community Network’s (CCN) today announced a landmark partnership with one of Singapore’s visionary start-ups, LEAD Management Pte Ltd, through its CUBEforall platform. This alliance heralds a new chapter in logistics collaboration, offering freight forwarders and 3PLs an unparalleled integration of services and a transformative approach to managing freight operations and administration through LEAD Management’s Freight Management System named LEAD Freight Solutions (LFS).

The partnership is not just a fusion of services but a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. LFS’s proprietary quotation module is now seamlessly embedded within the CUBEforall company directory, providing logistics stakeholders with a convenient tool for reaching out to the wider community to secure freight partnerships, within a globally connected freight network.

This integration, alongside LFS’s robust suite of services including order management, AWB/BL creation, storage of rates within a rate management system, and invoice creation, streamlines the end-to-end management of freight operations with unprecedented efficiency.

CCN’s CEO, Teow Boon Ling, reflects on the collaboration, “Our collaboration with LEAD Freight Solutions is more than strategic; it is a testament to our investment in the future of global trade. Aligning with an innovative start-up like LEAD Management ensures that our expansive network remains at the forefront of logistics excellence. Together, we are not just meeting industry standards—we are establishing them.”

Rodney Ee, CEO of LEAD Management, shares his perspective: “Partnering with an industry leader like CCN enables our applications to not just achieve a global outreach, but to reach their full potential through integration with Cubeforall and its other applications. Our mission to drive
efficiencies and accountability in freight forwarding becomes more tangible with this alliance.

The collaboration between CUBEforall and LFS is a bridge to a future where logistics operations are seamless, efficient, and interlinked. As of today, LFS’s innovative solutions are fully operational on the CUBEforall platform, ready to elevate the logistics operations of forwarders and 3PLs worldwide.

To discover the full potential of this partnership and to register for the trial, visit LEAD Freight Solutions at CUBEforall

About Cargo Community Network

Established three decades ago, Cargo Community Network (CCN) stands as a benchmark in digital innovation for the air freight industry. Pioneering in the adoption of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), CCN has seamlessly facilitated transaction flow, enhancing synergies between shippers, airlines, forwarders, and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs). With a infrastructure centered around integrations APIs and Web Services, CCN has continually optimized interoperability across supply chain systems.

Rooted in compliance with industry standards, namely Cargo-XML and Cargo-IMP, CCN ensures meticulous processing of airway bills, adept management of e-freight documentation, stringent customs compliance, and precision in security screening. Their data visualization modules grant stakeholders unprecedented supply chain visibility, a crucial asset in today’s demand for real-time tracking and data-driven operational strategies.

CCN’s headquarters, strategically located in Singapore—a global logistics nexus—guarantees extensive regional support via its satellite offices. Their vast user base of over 10,000 members epitomizes CCN’s dominant influence in the air cargo ecosystem. More details are available at: www.ccnhub.com.

About CUBEforall

Established by CCN, CUBEforall is an open data collaboration platform tailored for the global cargo community. This platform provides scalable digital integration opportunities for logistics professionals, leveraging extensive datasets and specialized service providers.

Positioned at the nexus of technology and cargo operations, the platform is built to drive digitization across the logistics value chain. It stands as a centralized hub for businesses in logistics to connect, collaborate, and scale their operations. Service providers interested in joining the platform can contact: cubeforall@ccn.com.sg.

To explore the full range of services, visit: https://cubeforall.com/.

About LEAD Management

LEAD Management is a Singapore based solutions provider, established in 2013, that aims to use technology to elevate our customers experience, and to enable and empower their growth. It is part of the Alliance 21 Group of Companies and provides IT solutions to companies within the group, and to the wider logistics industry. LEAD Management’s product suite encompasses freight management, tracking, consultancy and development solutions for its customers, and data confidentiality and integrity are cornerstones of its development and operational ethos, giving customers peace of mind when using the products.

About LEAD Freight Solutions

Developed in 2019, LEAD Freight Solutions is redefining the freight management landscape through its innovative cloud-based platform built from the ground up to optimize freight operations. At the core of LFS’s service offering is a deep understanding of the logistical intricacies and the dynamic nature of freight management, within a platform that encourages data re-use and integrations with complementary applications.

Deployed entirely in the cloud, LFS’s application ensures scalability and flexibility, allowing logistics professionals to operate with agility and from any location. Security is embedded in the architecture of LFS’s solutions; customer data is not only encrypted but also compartmentalized, with stringent protocols in place to ensure data privacy and integrity. Access to customer data is contingent upon explicit permission, ensuring that confidentiality is maintained.

LEAD Freight Solutions is committed to elevating operational productivity and accountability within the freight industry. By leveraging technology, LFS empowers clients with transparency, efficiency, and control over their logistics operations, ensuring they can navigate the complexities of freight management with confidence and ease.

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