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CCN partners with Redkik for instant cargo insurance on CUBEforall Platform

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CCN partners with Redkik for instant cargo insurance on CUBEforall Platform

Cargo Community Network partners with Redkik to launch an Insurance App that offers instant cargo insurance quotes and purchase for CUBEforall Platform

[February 2024] – Cargo Community Network (CCN), a leading provider of innovative logistics solutions, is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Redkik to introduce a new insurance app on our CUBEforall platform. This cutting-edge application enhances productivity and efficiency by providing our customers with instant cargo insurance quotations and purchases. We understand the importance of protecting their shipments and ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Hence, we have joined forces with Redkik to offer a comprehensive insurance solution integrated into our CUBEforall platform.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Redkik to launch this standalone insurance app for our CUBEforall platform,” stated Cargo Community Network’s CEO. “We continually strive to enhance our capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. This partnership allows us to offer a seamless insurance experience integrated directly into our platform, saving our customers time and effort while safeguarding their valuable cargo.”

The application features a dashboard that provides users with an overview of their policies and quotations. Additionally, we have increased the limits of liability, offering more coverage and necessary protection for their valuable cargo.

By integrating insurance services into the CUBEforall platform, we provide an all-in-one solution that simplifies the logistics process for our customers. They can now book their shipments, manage logistics and insure their cargo, all within a single user-friendly interface. Our collaboration with Redkik ensures that our customers can protect their valuable shipments effectively and efficiently, minimizing any potential risks they may face during transportation.

The insurance app was launched in Singapore in mid-January 2024, allowing CUBEforall users to effortlessly purchase insurance coverage for their cargo bookings. With this collaborative effort, CCN remains committed to simplifying and streamlining logistics operations, ensuring customers” cargo is safeguarded throughout the entire shipping journey.

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