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Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder

CUBEforall’s Booking Concierge is your single-source solution for Air Cargo bookings. It enables you to make bookings with airlines directly or through General Sales Agents (GSAs) in a streamlined manner.

Key Features:

  • Unified Interface: A single portal to make all your bookings, avoiding the complexity of multiple airline portals. It makes booking simple, removing the need for managing different interfaces.
  • Single Panel, Multi Gateways: Manage all air shipment bookings in one dashboard, regardless whether they are connected through EDI to airline systems, or directly to airline or GSA emails.
  • Flexible AWB Management: Easily retrieve your AWB numbers from your stock within the Booking Concierge page. We also provide the flexibility to facilitate booking requests without an AWB number.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Say goodbye to overflowing email notifications and tiresome tracking on airline websites. With our dashboard, manage and track all your air shipment booking events in one place.

Leverage the power of CUBEforall’s Booking Concierge and bring unprecedented efficiency to your air cargo operations.

Booking Concierge

Prerequisites for Booking: To fully utilize Booking Concierge, ensure you have an IATA CASS number or an agreement with airlines or GSAs for air freight bookings.

Tutorial: Introduction to Booking Concierge

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